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8. Februar 2009

Potsdam von oben. Richtung Norden.

Potsdam von oben. Richrung Norden. / Потсдам с высока. Вид на север.

Deutsch Die roten Gebäude sind noch hach der DDR-Zeit gebliebene sowjetische Kasernen.  Hier ist noch ein Foto von Kasernen in Potsdam.

Русский Красные здания – советские казармы, оставшиеся тут еще со времен ГДР.  Здесь еще одна фотография советских казарм в Потсдаме.

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  1. Gorgeous ranks of fluffy clouds. And do I remember enough German to work out that the red buildings are barracks for soldiers? The red, green, blue and white in this shot are striking.

    Kommentar von Linda — 10. Februar 2009 @ 22:47

  2. Your blog has been included in our guide Around The World.

    The guide is both a record of old blogs and a listing of new blogs. Although originally arising from the „City Daily Photo Blog“ lists this is an independent publication. Inclusion here does not imply that a blog qualifies for nor is officially a CDPB. Our criteria are that photographs mainly from and related to a specific geographical location (not necessarily a „city“ but usually more specific than a whole country or region) are posted at dated intervals (not necessarily daily) and archives are readily searchable by date.

    Please keep us informed of any changes to your details.

    Kommentar von Gerald — 15. Februar 2009 @ 12:26

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